Why Redpath and Company?


Redpath Client Manager Process

Redpath has a process of delivering value where your client manager is held accountable to deliver on our promise by spending time with you to proactively identify issues and solutions. Your compliance requirements will be met with on-time deliverables, thorough communication, and a solid understanding of your operations and goals. We are a good fit for organizations that appreciate this kind of attention and access to their Redpath team year-round.

The Redpath staff assigned to your account will meet monthly to review a “task list” customized to you. The “task list” meetings keep the entire Redpath team informed of all compliance deadlines, your expectations, and your needs. Your client manager will then meet with key members of your team at least once per quarter. The purpose of these meetings is to identify and discuss financial, accounting, and audit topics that can help with fiscal year planning, annual audit preparation, and improvements to your processes and procedures.

Continual interaction with you also provides an opportunity for accounting staff and others to discuss audit and accounting service questions—reducing the potential for unexpected issues or surprises. This high level of attention means you stay informed and up-to-date with changing regulations, accounting standards, and industry conditions that affect your operations. The quoted fees also provide access to your audit team throughout the year. If you have routine questions, assistance is only a phone call or email away—and all of your inquiries must be returned within 24 hours or sooner.

Your client manager is held accountable for:

  • Delivering on our promise.
  • Meeting with you at regular intervals.
  • Making themselves—and staff—available to you throughout the year.
  • Understanding your industry, operations, and goals.
  • Active management, monitoring, and timely delivery of service.
  • Scheduling all compliance and planning meetings.
  • Providing continual guidance regarding new standards and regulations.